Outer Burial Container Price List

At Burch-Messier Funeral & Cremation Service, we are proud to offer Outer Burial Containers from America’s leading manufacturer of Burial Vaults and Concrete Grave Liners – Wilbert. Available nationwide, our Outer Burial Containers are locally serviced by Richards-Wilberts, Inc. of Salem.

What is the difference between a Burial Vault and a Grave Liner?

Collectively, both are considered Outer Burial Containers. A burial or urn vault is a protective outer container
for the casket or urn. It provides the casket or urn with superior, long-lasting protection against subsoil elements
and the weight of heavy cemetery maintenance equipment. A grave liner has less ornamentation and
is solely used to protect the casket from the weight of heavy cemetery maintenance equipment. In cemeteries
that require an Outer Burial Container, a Concrete Grave Liner satisfies this requirement.

Model Name Weight Cost*
Concrete Grave Liner 1,800 lbs $1,025
Monticello Vault 2,138 lbs. $1,350
Salute Vault 2,138 lbs. $1,425
Continental Vault 2,510 lbs. $1,475
Venetian Vault 2,709 lbs. $1,875
Stainless Steel Triune Vault 2,714 lbs. $2,575
Cameo Rose Triune Vault 2,714 lbs. $2,575
Veteran Triune Vault 2,714 lbs. $2,575
Copper Triune Vault 2,880 lbs. $3,325
Bronze Triune Vault 2,910 lbs. $3,825
Wilbert Bronze Vault 3,420 lbs. $8,995
These prices include all applicable freight surcharges and equipment fees charged by the vault company, if applicable. The only charges that may be charged for vault service, in addition to those listed above, are overtime charges, if services are outside the vault company’s regular service hours. Regular service hours are weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Richards Wilbert, Inc. will bill the following overtime/weekend/holiday charges:
Saturdays – $85.00, Sundays – $185.00, Holidays – $450.00 (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Easter). No burial services will be conducted on Thanksgiving day or Christmas day. Prices are subject to change without notice. Tent, chairs and equipment are not included in the price of the vault. (Add additional 165.00).
All of the outer burial containers that we offer are manufactured
by Richards-Wilbert Vault Company.

Current December 1, 2009 price list