On August 14, 2020, Harry Tyler (age 67) was called by God to be on his All-Star Softball Team.  He always looked forward to his weekly softball practices and games in Bedford.  He loved being outside whether he was playing softball, biking, golfing, restoring his project Jeep, working in the yard or just sitting on the deck enjoying the sounds of nature. He was a loving husband to Debbie for 43 years and has left a huge hole in her heart and life going forward. As an avid Washington Nationals fan, Harry was able to attend some of the All-Star events at Nationals Park in July 2019 and highlighted the weekend by attending the Home Run Derby with daughter-in-law Liz.  A big check mark on his bucket list was attending a World Series game last fall with his wife, Debbie. The month before Harry left us, he (and Debbie) spent time with a number of people who were an important part of his life; close friends and all of the kids and grandkids.  A trip to the beach (with some stops along the way), kayaking, rounds of golf and a car show all packed into a two-week period.  He never sat still for too long! He was the greatest Dad to Travis, Ryan, and Brett and many other “adopted” sons & daughters.  He was ecstatic to finally have a daughter in the family when Ryan and Nicole were married. Then Liz was welcomed into the family with open arms when she and Travis were married.  He loved spending time with his acquired daughters and planning different projects with them.  He had the biggest smile on his face as each of his grandchildren came along.  Absolutely thrilled to have two granddaughters: Dakotah and Skylar and a grandson, Luke.  They truly kept a constant smile on his face.  All of them loved being with Pops outside playing sports, doing various activities or just simply spending time together. He was a beloved mentor, role model and teacher to many through a number of youth programs, sports, and everyday life.  His three sons were taught early on by Dad to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.  They are now fine upstanding men who have a strong work ethic and are able to take care of themselves as well as family and friends who may need a helping hand.  Harry’s mechanic skills came into play on a regular basis, as many cars (owned by family and friends) were diagnosed and repaired in our garage.  There were numerous life issues solved in the garage by Harry, for his boys and his “adopted” children. He set high standards in both his career and personal life and would not take “I can’t” as an excuse or answer to any situation. He expected the same of those he came in contact with over his 67 years.  He will be missed by all for his big smile and wicked sense of humor. Burch-Messier Funeral Home, Bedford, 540-586-7360, is assisting the family.